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It seems impossible, but I've done it... I wrote the last sentence and the last period of For Love of Family yesterday afternoon about 4:30! After I typed that last period, I just sat and stared at the computer screen, unable to believe there were no more plot points I needed to fill in. I suppose you could say the end came as a shock, even though I've been working towards this point for about eighteen months. It seems impossible that all that's left to do to finish telling this story is some editing and three more weeks of posting. I started this story the last week of October 2010 and began posting it on April 5, 2011. The Epilogue will be posted Thursday, March 29, 2012.

Thanks to everyone who has read For Love of Family here on LJ, SIYE, PhoenixSong, and The comments and criticisms in your reviews have kept me on my toes and thinking about where I want the story to ultimately finish up. Without you, I'd just be writing a fanciful daydream with no audience to encourage me to try new things like writing from a madwoman's point of view or that of a twelve-year-old girl.

I've decided not to totally abandon this universe. As I scroll through the chapters, I've found many instances where I've left the narrative open to new stories; give me a few months and you'll probably see a few one-shots as follow-ups to ideas I started in the main story.

I know I thank my pre-beta team every chapter, and I need to thank them here, too. Feathers, RSS, RebeccaRipple, Miz, Rosina and Jedi34, you all have been a constant source of support throughout this adventure. I couldn't have written this story so thoroughly without your guidance, comments and encouragement. Thank you so much for spending the time you did to help me make every chapter worth reading.

So... if you haven't read the story, go find it, read it, and leave me a review. I always write back.
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