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Ho Hum...

The new day has just begun and I can tell you... it's cold! Our digital outdoor thermometer reads 1.4 degrees and will probably dip below zero in the next few hours. BRRRRRRRR!
No new snow predicted for today so that means my son's bus will probably not be delayed. We'll get to the bus stop just a few minutes before the bus gets there so he won't get too cold. Then I'll have a normal day to myself until three. Yippee!


The Steelers won the AFC championship last night. To this San Francisco/Oakland fan, the hoopla over the team going to the Super Bowl is going to be disgusting over the next two weeks.


The new story I started in mid-October is going great guns. I'm already on chapter eight and it looks like the whole story will only be ten or eleven chapters long. I'm trying a lot of new things this time: this story is my first mystery, it's the first one with multiple points of view that all have to tie in together at the very end. I just hope I won't leave anyone out and it all will make sense. I have such a terrific pre-beta team working with me. I can't believe how lucky I am to have their friendship and support. Thank you Jedi34, Mutt n Feathers, RSS, Bear and RR for your comments, corrections, questions and advice on everything from what the British slang term is for "dead body" to what Underground station is closest to the London Zoo. I'm hoping to finish within the next month so that I can start posting the completed story in March.

That's all for now. Have a great day... Stay warm, stay dry, stay healthy,

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