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Final Results

The Last Splash Swim Meet is now in the history books. My son has really improved and this proud mom wants to crow about it.

Boys 10 and Under 50 yard Freestyle = 1:08.46 (37/39)

Boys 10 and Under 50 yard Backstroke = 1:02.54 (DQ'ed for flipping onto stomach before touching the wall at the end. Waaah!

Boys 10 and Under 100 yard Freestyle = 2:44.11

Boys 10 and Under 100 yard Backstroke = 2:50.27 (He learned... he finished!)

Mom's still doing her happy dance. It was really fun to have the other moms and siblings cheering for him. Also, we discovered a boy from my son's class swims for another club which was competing at the meet; we'd almost invited him to come watch the races. Small world...
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