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An Afternoon at the Ballet

A friend and I had a lovely girls' day at the ballet this afternoon, free of hubbies and kiddos and it was just what the proverbial doctor ordered. We went to see the PBT's performance of "Balanchine". The dancers performed "Agos", a ballet for twelve dancers; "Sylvia Pas de Deux", a ballet for two which included solos and duets; and "The Prodigal Son". I really enjoyed the last ballet because I'd read about it in a Jerome Robbins biography last year. It was as dramatic as discussed in the book and the dancer who performed the son's role made a difficult role look effortless.

Afterwards, my friend and I went for coffee at Starbuck's and some great conversation. We parted refreshed and promising to get together soon because both of us are craving "grown-up" talk that doesn't include phrases like, "is your homework all done", "put your dirty clothes in the hamper" and "clean up this mess."


In other news, my son's bowling team came in second in the league standings for the eight to elevens group at the N's Bowl. If we'd had a pin count of fourteen or fifteen pins higher, the team would have either won outright or tied with another team. Next week is the fun week followed in two weeks by the "banquet" and parent/child tournament.

Now I need to find a summer league for my son to play in because he wants to "keep his edge".


Last, but not least, Mutt n Feathers... I sincerely hope you had a great birthday today. I thought of you as I was climbing the stairs to our seats at the ballet.
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