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Tired, Sore

It's the last week of school for my fourth grader which means no homework, but that doesn't mean he gets a vacation from practicing/piano lessons, going to swim practice or bowling this week... mostly because Mom's his activity director and he goes where I direct him!

On Monday, Mom's Taxi took us to one of my own piano lessons before we made the mad dash to his a 7:45 P.M.--we missed his swim lesson because that collided time-wise with his piano lesson. On Tuesday, we started out trying to go to swim practice but discovered that due to the drowning of a fifth grader at the pool last Friday, that pool is closed until further notice. Bummer. So... it was off to our first night of Scotch Doubles bowling instead. Wednesday, it was Dad's Taxi that took him to swim lessons... Busy, happy, tired boy!

As for me, besides all the driving I've done this week, I helped out two days in a row for the school's Field Day(s) which was supposed to only be Tuesday, all day. However, it started raining javelins and hoola hoops about ten minutes before the first round of classes finished their rotation of activities, so the other two sessions were canceled until Wednesday. I volunteered to come back for the morning session (which turned out to be a hot and muggy 92 degrees on the field--can you say sunburn?) before I was scheduled to help out with the fourth grade picnic at 12:30. Can you say hot, tired and sticky?

The kids had a great time at both activities and I did, too, until I finally sat down and realized how hot, tire and sticky I was. I left a little early and went home to a cold shower. Heaven!

Oh, did I mention I did all that after slipping on our stairs on Sunday night and landing hard on my tailbone? My only comment is that sitting hurts and I wish I didn't hurt quite so much.

Oh, well... tomorrow is my son's class' end-of-the-year party which is my last duty as Room Mother. I'm looking forward to it.


Oh... I just posted another chapter of my story For Love of Family.
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